Sue joined Allegion in 1997 as a office junior...


Name:  Susan (Sue) Corrick

Current Position:  UK Product Marketing Manager

1.      When did you join the Allegion family and what did your job entail?

I joined the company way back in 1997 as an office junior for Newman Tonks Projects in the export department, working with the US, MEA and APAC regions. Over the years I’ve held various positions within the company working in Projects, Export, Customer Service and now Product Management as the UK Product Marketing Manager.  I’ve been really fortunate as Allegion has given me the opportunity to progress in my career and this has helped me to develop skills in many areas across the business.

2.      Why are you proud to work for Allegion?

Two reasons really, not only do Allegion value the importance of a safer and cleaner world, but it is like family to me.  We have a great team of people with bags of knowledge and experience, and they’re always there to support me.  I enjoy supporting others and sharing my experiences with the next generation.

3.       Which Allegion value do you identify with most and why?

There are probably three that stand out to me :

Have a passion for Excellence - "Make Allegion a better company, and make yourself a better leader and person" 

 I have always been very passionate about delivering the best service possible to our customers, this includes offering advice on product selection and application.

Serve others, not yourself - "Help the people you work around. And be a good corporate citizen, by doing more for the communities in which you work and live".

I enjoy passing on my knowledge to my peers, as well as always learning myself along the way.  Our industry is always evolving, and it is about ensuring that as the world and technologies change, we also adapt to these changes.  I am very involved with my local community and currently serve as a Governor at a local school, sharing my knowledge and expertise.

Do the right thing - "Act honourably. If you hear an inner voice telling you that something is wrong, pay attention to it".

Doing the right thing isn’t just about you. Most of the time it involves others and correcting a wrong holds the possibility of crossing others. On the other hand, other people may help you solve conflicts and aid you in deciding what to do.

John joined Allegion in 1979 as a commercial trainee...


Name​: John Meyer

Current position/job title: Technical Support Advisor

Date of hire: August 26, 1979


1. What do you remember most about your first job at Allegion?


I started with the company in 1979 as a commercial trainee when it was called Newman Tonks, attending college one day a week to gain my HNC Business qualification. This entailed me working in various departments within the company for a period of time. It gave me was a very thorough grounding in all aspects of the business.  I even drove the company vans making deliveries to customers!

The thing I remember most is watching the delivery of raw materials into the stores area, then seeing it travelling through our factory processes being turned into finished items like kicking plates, pull handles, lever handles, door stops, and other ironmongery items, packed and ready for dispatch to our long list of customers. The factory was like an industrial powerhouse with 100-ton presses and furnaces shaping out the raw materials into workable items. We even had our own polishing shops, paint shop, anodizing and plating plants on site.


2. What has changed the most since you first joined the company?
Introduction of more computers, and there is no on-site manufacturing, with our main Allegion manufacturing facility now located in Turkey. We are now a sales, marketing, training and distribution facility taking delivery of goods from companies, and other Allegion facilities across the globe on a daily basis for distribution to our customers.


3. What one or two projects are you most proud of during the past 5 years at Allegion?

We run a program to educate customers and end users on the fitting and operation of our easy action door closers, called "Try me." These closers require a lot less force to open a door than a conventional closer, making them ideal for the elderly, infirm or less able members of society. This entails me visiting various customers and building managers premises, or actual sites to fit and demonstrate our products. They can keep the closer I've fitted and see how it performs in a real-life situation.

4. Why are you proud to work at Allegion?

It's a very dynamic company and it's great to be part such a fantastic team of people.

5. What Allegion value do you identify most closely with, and why?

Do the right thing and serve others. I provide technical and safety advice to customers and end users daily as part of my role providing technical support. I strive to come up with and advise the best solution for everyone. People are most grateful for help and advice specifying the correct product for their requirements and sometimes a detailed explanation on how they work and how to fit them. I also make myself available to visit sites if customers experience problems they can't solve themselves.

Reena joined Allegion in 2016 as a temporary marketing executive…


I graduated in Advertising with Public Relations in 2010. I joined Allegion in 2016 to support the marketing department. My previous roles involved Digital Marketing and enhancing business growth by using digital strategic initiatives.


My position changed at Allegion within 12 months and I was promoted to the role of “Digital Marketing Executive for the UK, MEA & Turkey.  This permanent role led me to develop my career at Allegion by using my digital skillset to help promote Allegion at a global scale.


I now develop digital strategies to aid our commercial growth in the regions I serve, also carry out all the tactical elements to serve our customers with the ultimate digital experience. I truly believe the true digital experience must involve several key ingredients, such as testing, development and learning through failures. These key ingredients are key when underpinning any forms of Digital marketing and ensuring the key business needs are met.


This role allows me to learn about other cultures, meet different people and further develop my skills. Allegion has given me the opportunities to travel globally and enhance my international business marketing efforts.


I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great mentors such as my manager who has always pushed me to develop further and get involved with all the other aspects of the business.


Working at Allegion, allows me to develop and enhance my commercial awareness alongside strengthening my digital skill set for B2B growth.


I am now working towards my masters qualification in Digital Marketing which has been sponsored by Allegion.

Jotty joined Allegion in June 2011 as a summer intern.

IMG_20160409_170354 (0).jpg

“I graduated Aston University business school in 2011 in International Business and Management. I joined the business as a summer intern for 4 months supporting the Business Development Director on project work. My position was extended and then I was offered a permanent role as a graduate. I began my career as a Project Coordinator within the automatic door installation team. Throughout my journey at Allegion I have been given the opportunity to work in several, varied roles across the organisation: business development, project coordinating, customer care, sales and account management. This has given me experience and new skills and also exposure to leaders across the business.

I now look after key customers, working with them strategically to grow and maximise their business by offering Allegion’s security solutions to their customers.

I enjoy a challenge and I have been given so many opportunities to move out of my comfort zone and try something new. I have been lucky enough to have been exposed to some great mentors who have enabled me to grow, learn and have supported me to achieve the best out of me. 

I appreciate that I am involved from conception to implementation of projects and my voice is heard and valued. The support of great managers has enabled me to be confident to speak up and be empowered. 

The team have recognised my strengths and where possible have steered me in a direction that they believe I could excel at and encouraged me when possible into a new role enabling me to acquire and develop my skills to allow me to become a stronger individual in the business world.”