Fire Behaviour Experience July 2018


A group of Allegion UK employees have undertaken fire behaviour training this week at Oldbury Training Centre by observing new recruit Fire Fighters tackle a real fire. The purpose is to understand how a fire travels, how to control it and how door and windows control, including Allegion products, play a vital role to prevent the fire spreading and with specialised fire fighters, protect lives.


Fire Setters set a small fire in the Hot House which was to represent an arm chair and then proceeded to explain to us how the fire and smoke behaves depending on what the levels of oxygen are. Fire needs 15% of oxygen to develop. By keeping doors and windows closed, the level of oxygen drops and eventually, the fire may burn itself out.


The Fire Fighters opened a window in the burning building and we were able to observe the impact that this had. Internal doors were also opened and then closed and the effect that this had on the fire and smoke was incredible.


Sue Corrick – Product Manager, EMEA said of the event, ‘It was interesting to see the decisions that fire fighters have to make for the well-being of their crew as well as how our products offer door manufacturers a complete solution to fire safety.


James Keith, End User Solution Strategy Manager said that the training helped with ‘understanding what happens when things go wrong and the part our solutions can play. Truly understanding the end user.


The training was provided by West Midland Fire Service and really brought home to the employees how important our products are and how our work to deliver these products is ultimately saving lives.


A big thank you to Lindsay Winters, HR Generalist UK & Ireland, who identified this free training opportunity and developed the  learning proposal working with Marketing and Sales, as well as arranging and coordinating the sessions.

'Serve Others, Not Yourself'

macmillan cancer event.jpg

For the annual Macmillan coffee morning, all employees of Allegion UK came together to fundraise for Macmillan coffee support.  The whole office truly lead the way in living the ‘Serve Others. Not Yourself’ by creating baked sensations for everyone to enjoy and raising a whopping £230.00.


Macmillan cancer support ethos is to reach and improved the lives of everyone living with cancer, inspire millions of others to do the same.

'Serve Others, Not Yourself'


For the festive season December 2015 the UK Walsall office decided truly to live the Allegion value 'Serve Others, Not Yourself’ by hosting several charity events. Our employees ran a clothing & food collection point for SIFA Fireside, a local homeless shelter based in Birmingham. The second was a 'Christmas Gift Tag Tree,' where a monetary donation was given in exchange for a gift tag. Employees write their seasonal messages to colleagues to raise money for 'MIND,' an employee-nominated charity which offers help & support to those experiencing mental health problems.