Briton 560 - 570 Series - Outside Access Devices

Product Description


A series of outside access devices which can be used with any of the Briton 560 and 570 Series panic and emergency exit devices. They provide a simple means of accessing the door from the outside.


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Outside access device with knob operation

Outside access device with lever operation

561; 571; 573; 574.S; 574.V; 574.VS; 581 SE; SS; PS; PB
9260 Outside access device with mechanical digital code 561; 571 PVD - SS


  • Fully compatible with Briton 560 and 570 Series devices
  • Suitable for single or double doors between 40mm and 100mm thick
  • One model suitable for left and right hand doors
  • Anti-vandal design includes clutch mechanism which allows the lever to rotate when the unit is locked
  • Supplied with 40mm euro profile standard differ cylinder as standard (also available keyed alike or masterkeyed)
  • Lever version is site reversible
  • Lever version is BS 8300 compliant
  • Optional key retention
  • 9260 Digital code lock option has over 2000 non sequential code options
  • 9260 supplied with extra long spindles for use with Briton exit devices
  • 9260 code can be changed by removing the unit from the door


5 years


  • Available in a range of sprayed finishes and plated metallic finishes
  • Please note: 9260 mechanical digital lock is not compatible with Briton 573.N or Briton 581