Briton 571 EL

Product Description


Briton 571 EL is a panic exit device with an electrically powered opening mechanism and an electronic outside access system. The card reader and alphanumeric pinpad allow you to select who is granted access, increasing your building’s security levels and the performance of emergency exit doors exponentially, transforming them into effective “smart”entrances.

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Item Ref: Description

Briton 571.1.EL

1200mm motorised touch bar device

Briton 571.2.EL

840mm motorised touch bar device

SV.MK.TRA.PINCODE Mobilekey PinCode Keypad (accessory) 
SV.MK.SREL2.ZK.G2.W Mobilekey Digital  SmartRelay (accessory) 
SV.MK.TRA2.G2  Transponder (accessory) 
SV.MK.CD.STARTER.G2  Mobilekey USB programming device (accessory) 
06525-75-0 CISA Access Control Keypad (accessory) 
06515-15-0  CISA Concealed Door Loop - 260mm (accessory) 
06515-00-0 CISA Concealed Door Spring - 87 x 20mm (accessory) 
06515-20-0 CISA Door Loop - 300mm (accessory) 
06515-21-0  CISA Door Loop - 600mm (accessory) 


  • Non handed
  • Suitable for doors from 1200 mm to 600 mm 
  • Suitable for use with existing access control systems
  • Low power usage
  • Power supply AC 12-20V (50/60 Hz)
  • Timed latch withdrawal after opening,adjustable from 3 to 30 second
  • Electronic dogging possible
  • Protective anti-bacterial coating


  •  CE Marked to EN 1125



  • 5 years