Briton 570 Series - Touch Bar Panic Exit Hardware

Product Description


Briton 570 panic exit devices have been designed to offer modular solutions for mid to high end specification, providing a combination of style, safety and optimum security. The low projection touch bar device can be used independently to provide single point latching or with additional optional modular locking elements to provide multi-point latching.

The Briton 570 Series is a technologically advanced system and with proven performance and reliability it is suitable for all heavy traffic applications.

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  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for doors with a minimum clear opening width down to 500mm. This can be reduced to 350mm where side latches are not required.
  • Unique assembly which reduces installation time by as much as 50%
  • Easy-to-use self adhesive Accufit templates and backplates for panic devices and pullman latches
  • Units can be cut down on-site to suit door width
  • Patented Fast-Fix cable system replaces conventional vertical rods connecting operating units and pullman latches
  • Fine adjustments of the cable system are possible in-situ for maximum accuracy during installation
  • Anti-bacterial protective coating


  • CE marked to EN1125 (AAA1588)
  • Fire tested to EN1634 on timber doors to achieve a 2 hour fire rating


  • 5 years


  • Available in a choice of sprayed finishes, solid metallic finishes and polished and plated finishes

Ordering the right components

  • When ordering multi point latching options ensure you order a 571 operating device PLUS the appropriate pullman latch kit if required*.
  • Make sure the finish of the pullman latch kit co-ordinates with the finish of the operating device.

Classification to EN 1125

  • 3 7 7 B 1 4 2 2 B A


These surface mounted devices come complete with  easy to follow pictorial fixing instructions. Self adhesive Accufit templates ensure accurate installation of

backplates for mounting the operating mechanism and pullman latches. Mechanisms are clamped onto the backplates. Flexible steel cables connecting the

operating mechanism to the pullman latches require no measuring and adjustment screws in the main unit allow for fine adjustments. Clip on covers to the main unit and

pullmans complete the installation.


The devices are supplied with adjustable strikers with packers to ensure continued optimum performance.Fixing and maintenance instructions must be passed on to the user upon completion of installation.