Briton 2400

Product Description


The Briton 2400 Series is a precision manufactured cam-action, slide channel door closer, in a compact concealed unit. With the closer body mounted within the top of the door and the slide track within the head frame, the Briton 2400 Series offers high resistance to abuse and offers a highly aesthetic solution being fully concealed when the door is closed. Suitable for doors 44mm thick and above.

Providing exceptional ease of use by reducing the resistance encountered when opening the door, the Briton 2400 Series bridges the gap between the requirements for fire and smoke control and ease of operation required for accessibility.

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Item Ref: Description EN Power Size Mounting Position Finishes
2420.T Concealed closer Adjustable size 2-4 For door or frame mounting SE; PS; SS
2420.CS Optional cushion stop N/A Mounted in the standard slide track N/A
2420.HP Optional hold open kit N/A Mounted in the standard slide track N/A
2420.IP Intumescent gasket set for use with timber fire doors N/A N/A N/A


  • Compact extruded aluminium body which requires minimal removal of material from the door and frame.
  • High performance cam action technology is extremely efficient, providing reliable closing but easy to open
  • Needle roller bearings provide increased bearing load for efficient operation and improved reliability.
  • Power adjustment allows installers to adjust the spring power to suit the size and location of the door
  • Silicon chrome alloy steel springs for superior strength and reliability.
  • High quality hydraulic fluid with built-in temperature compensation ensures reliable performance without the need for seasonal adjustment.
  • Aluminium slide track 23mm wide with nylon runner
  • Powder coated steel track arm
  • Optional cushion stop helps to prevent doors from opening beyond the imit of the door closer - please note, this is not a backcheck facility


  • CE marked to EN1154 (AD5114)
  • Fire tested to EN1634 on timber doors to achieve up to 90 minute fire rating when used in conjunction with the intumescent pack 2420.IP
  • FD30 - Min. door thickness 44mm
  • FD60 - Min. door thickness 54mm
  • FD90 - Min. door thicknes 58mm


  • 10 years


  • Available in a range of sprayed finishes and solid or plated metallic finishes


Intumescent gasket set (2420.IP)

A significant amount of fire resisting doorset material is removed when concealed closers are mortised into the door leaf. The intumescent gasket set will provide the additional performance that is required to protect the door from integrity failure during fire conditions.

It is particularly important with these closers to check that the details of the fire test certification are relevant to your intended door application.


Additional features

Optional cushion stop (ref: 2420.CS) helps prevent doors from coming into contact with adjacent walls (note: this is not a backcheck function).

Optional mechanical hold-open unit can be retrofitted into the slide track. Hold-open angle can be adjusted from 80˚ to 120˚ and allows the door to be

manually released from the hold-open position. Mechanical hold-open must not be used on fire and smoke doors.