Briton 1130B.TE

Product Description


An electromagnet in the slide track is designed to hold the door open during normal use and is connected to the building fire alarm system. On sounding the fire alarm, or in the event of power failure, the electromagnet is deactivated and releases the door closer mechanism to close the door in the normal controlled manner.

It is particularly suited for use in areas where a standard door closer could be inconvenient or would impede the flow of people in medium or high traffic applications such as a cinema foyer or hospital corridor.

The use of electro-magnetic hold-open door controls are recommended in applications which are designed to meet the levels of accessibility called for in Approved Document M Access to and use of buildings.

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Item Ref: Description EN Power Size Finishes
1130B.TE Electromagnetic hold open closer with trimplate Spring power adjustable size 3-4 SES
1130B.TE.S Electromagnetic hold open closer with softline cover Spring power adjustable size 3-4 SES; PSS; SSS; PBS


  • Fully compliant with EN 1155
  • Satisfies the requirements of Approved Document M
  • Fail safe electronics guarantee door release in the event of a fire or power failure
  • Track mounted 24v DC electromagnet with an effective and reliable holding force
  • Manual override allows the door to be pulled closed at any time
  • On-board test switch simulates fire condition
  • Fully adjustable hold-open angle from 75˚ to 110˚
  • 24v transformer/rectifier available


  • CE marked to EN1154 - AD0033 (Briton 1110)
  • - AD0034 (Briton 1120B)
  • - AD0113 (Briton 1130B)
  • CE marked to EN1155 for electromagnetic hold-open variants
  • Fire tested to EN1634 on timber doors to achieve a 2 hour fire rating, and 4 hours for metal doors


  • 10 years mechanical
  • 2 years electrical


  • Available in a choice of sprayed finishes and plated metallic finishes, all with matching arm and track