Briton 500 Series

Product Description


When used in conjuction with a suitable door closing device, fire alarm and detection system, these briton electromagnatic hold open devices permit fire doors to be held during normal operation.

In the event of fire or smoke detection the units are automatically deactivated allowing the doors to close under the action of the door closer. 

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Item Ref: Description Finishes
503 Contract wall magnet - surface mounted WHS
533FMB Floor mounting bracket for use with 503 or 533 magnet WHS; SE; SS
533 Specification wall magnet - flush mounted SE; SS
533.C Wall mounted cover for 533 magnet SE; SS


  • Built-in release/test button to simulate alarm activation
  • CE Marked 


  • EN1154, EN1155 and CE Marked:

    - Briton 503: AE0009
    - Briton 553: AE0010

  • EN1634 fire testing for 2 hour timber fire doors


  • 5 Years Mechanical
  • 2 Years Electrical


  • Available in a range of metallic and powder coated finishes