Marine Grade Padlocks

Product Description


CISA offer a wide range of padlocks covering all levels of security suitable for both commercial and residential use. They can be supplied individually keyed or keyed alike for increased convenience.

All our padlocks are suitable for indoor use, however for outdoor use we recommend using a laminated or marine grade padlock to reduce the risk of corrosion. Our marine grade padlock has been designed specifcally for locations close to the sea and has undergone a 1000 hour salt spray test.


Item Ref: Description Shackle Size Shackle Clearance Finishes
21610.50.0.SD1 CISA Slide bolt shackle - Brass body 52mm - 15mm BG 7.94mm 13.5mm NP/PB
21610.63.0.SD1 CISA Slide bolt shackle - Brass body 63mm - 19mm BG 10mm 14mm NP/PB
21610.70.0. SD1 CISA Slide bolt shackle - Brass body 70mm - 22mm BG 12mm 13.5mm NP/PB
21610.90.0.SD1 CISA Slide bolt shackle - Brass body 90mm - 35mm BG 12mm 18.2mm NP/PB
21810.65.0.SD1 CISA Slide bolt shackle - Brass body 66mm - 33mm BG 10mm 14mm NP/PB
21810.80.0.SD1 CISA Slide bolt shackle - Brass body 77.1mm - 37mm BG 12mm 17mm NP/PB


  • Sliding bolt design
  • Brass bodies and hardened steel shackle
  • Nickel plated/polished brass finish
  • Satin brass finished body
  • 2 key supplied as standard