ISONAS Pure IP Reader-Controller Mullion (RC-04)

Product Description

The next generation of the access control encoder has arrived. Easily and cost effectively expand legacy systems to operate within an ISONAS Pure IP environment without having to issue new credentials or replace existing system panels. The IP-Bridge 2.0 connects the modern IP-network
world and legacy wiegand installations. Simply unplug existing panels and attach wiegand readers directly to the IP-Bridge 2.0. When paired with the ISONAS R-1 reader, the IP-Bridge 2.0 provides legacy systems a path to mobile credentials.


Check out some of the latest features of the RC-04:

• Mullion, wall mount and wall mount keypad form factors allow for US and EU compatible mounting options; creating a simpler install process at each door.

• Reader-Controllers are available in two models: Multi-card technology (125kHZ and 13.56 MHZ) or a proximity-only version (125kHz).

• Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) allows customers to utilize our Pure Mobile application and use their smart phone as their credential.

• Local mode feature allows readers to function without a connection to the network. This results in faster user response times, less network traffic and reduced host system loading.

• Tamper detection via accelerometer senses any type of altering and prevents a security breach with the reader.

• Metal back plate provides additional security, a simple two piece installation and consistent read range.


Product Ref Frequency  Certification
RC-04-PRX-M 125 kHz UL 294 V6 Certified. FCC Certified, Rated IP56
RC-04-MCT-M 13.56 MHz /125 kHz UL 294 V6 Certified. FCC Certified, Rated IP56