Whatever your project calls for, Allegion’s got you covered. Our broad portfolio includes everything you need to deliver a complete solution.  Customised solutions to fit each application—from healthcare facilities to multifamily properties, and everything in between.


Networked wireless solutions


Wireless locks and other door hardware complement existing security solutions to extend the benefits of electronic access control deeper in the building. These locks can be tailored to fit varying security needs. Different architectures are available depending on the application, which allows for greater adoption of locks on interior doors.


Schlage LE Wireless Mortise lock

Schlage Wireless Access Control Brochure

Wireless eBook for Integrators


Readers and credentials


Readers offer greater security by requiring personalized credentials to enter an area and can provide audit trails to show who accessed specific openings and when. While there are some proprietary reader options that only accept a specific type of credential, it is recommended to choose an open platform to provide future flexibility to your clients. And with multi-technology readers, customers can transition from magnetic stripe cards to smart cards without changing the entire reader.

With the latest in contactless smart card and traditional proximity card technologies, Allegion offers a credential solution for every budget and business need. Schlage’s smart credentials are encrypted and secure, but also based on open, global standards, to ensure future flexibility and scalability.


Schlage smart credential readers

Schlage multi-technology readers

Schlage smart credentials

Schlage multi-technology credentials


Pure IP Access Control


Unlike traditional panel-based or IP-panel systems, ISONAS delivers the one proven access control solution that offers network-based, “Pure IP” to the door technology.

ISONAS Pure IP Reader-Controller Wallmount (RC-04)

ISONAS Pure IP Reader-Controller Mullion (RC-04)

ISONAS Pure IP Reader-Controller Keypad (RC-04)

ISONAS Enrollment Reader (RC04)

ISONAS Pure IP Bridge 2.0

ISONAS Accessories 

ISONAS Pure Access Cloud

ISONAS Pure Mobile Credentials



Sustainable Building


Click here to learn more about Allegion's efforts to manufacture products that support global sustainability efforts and standards.