New Brio Weatherfold 5c – Folding door hardware system that carries panels up to 80kg.

BIRMINGHAM (May 2019) – Allegion’s Brio brand once again shows why it is  a global leader in folding & sliding door hardware with its new Weatherfold 5c: An exterior bottom-rolling system that easily handles panels up to 80Kg weight in any commercial or residential site.

The Brio Weatherfold series has long been recognised as the architectural standard in exterior folding door hardware. It’s tried and tested, having been manufactured and installed at thousands of sites around the world.

With its superior design and high-quality manufacture, Brio Weatherfold 5c eliminates the need for a reinforced structural beam above the opening, as the weight of the door is carried by the bottom rollers. The rollers are large in diameter, horizontal and come standard with stainless steel precision bearings. This is a major feature on installation, and it is expected that it will be readily favoured by architects, contractors and joinery specialists as it gives more options on creativity and design on any site.

The Brio Weatherfold 5c is also designed to handle this increased weight in either timber or aluminum door panels with precision and ease of use by its gentle, steady moving action.

Another major feature is that this is a fully self-cleaning system. A major problem with bottom rolling systems can be contamination of dirt, grit or other matter, which effects the rolling efficiency of the system.

“Quite simply, the design of the Brio Weatherfold 5c system eradicates this problem,” says Dave Newton, Brio UK general manager.

As the Weatherfold 5c’s puck rollers are significantly larger than the wheels usually used in most bottom rolling systems, it means it rotates less over the same distance. This, combined with its full stainless-steel construction and precision bearings, makes Brio Weatherfold 5c bottom-rolling hardware extremely durable.

The innovative yet simple system can also create openings up to 3m high and 16m wide with its unique design and operation – another huge advantage for interior designers and architects.

Design excellence is also evident in the detail – for example, the reduced height of the sill. This lower threshold now only benefits the end user as there is less of a step over, but also the joinery manufacturer as  a smaller bottom frame is needed..

Brio Weatherfold 5c has completed extensive corrosion resistance tests conducted in an industry standard salt spray chamber. It uses the highest quality corrosion resistant materials. All components are constructed using 300 series stainless steel, with the cast items in 316 grade.

To further safeguard against corrosion, all visual stainless-steel surfaces undergo a passivation process and all cast stainless components are electro-polished. These processes greatly reduce and eliminate surface discolouration often referred to as ‘tea-staining’.

The Weatherfold 5c premium finish of Satin Stainless provides another level of protection from the elements and further enhances the system’s durability.

The Brio Weatherfold 5c also incorporates the 286-locking system as standard for added security.

Added to the design and manufacturing excellence is rigorous product testing and quality assurance – plus a full 10-year warranty as standard on all Weatherfold 5c hardware.




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