New data findings legitimise UK’s fire safety concerns in government-owned facilities

LONDON (September 2018) A new research-based report, conducted by safety and security specialists Allegion UK, unveils some of the main safety and security concerns within government-owned buildings.

The data, collected in May 2018, involves more than 500 decision makers in education and healthcare. The areas in question include fire safety, lockdowns, security measures and safety protocols.

Following the ongoing Grenfell inquiry and Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent Review, fire safety standards in high-rise buildings in the UK are being placed under the microscope.

Now, Allegion’s new data reaffirms the main fire safety concerns are not only applicable to high-rise buildings, but in education and healthcare government-owned facilities as well.

Nearly half of all respondents did not strongly trust the fire safety measures they have in place, with more than one out of five respondents believing their fire safety procedures to be compromised.

Almost one-fifth of respondents across both education and healthcare also said they have experienced a fire safety incident in the last three years.

Across both education and healthcare respondents, a lack of training and product knowledge were identified as key causes of compromised safety.

James Keith, end user solution strategy manager at Allegion UK, comments: “As an industry, we’re failing on fire safety standards due to insufficient product knowledge and general complacency. Of course, after the Grenfell tragedy and inquiry, there are a lot of question marks around fire safety regulations.

“Ultimately, our research findings are confirmations that there’s much room for improvement. We need to urge more understanding and action not just in high-rise buildings, but among government healthcare and education decisionmakers, too.”

With fire safety being a particularly hot topic in the UK, this data reinforces the specific areas that are a cause for concern. By identifying the root of the issues, we can tackle key areas and build a better, safer future.


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