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The True Importance of Door Hardware Selection

As the role of door hardware expands and fire safety continues to make the headlines, Karen Trigg of Allegion UK outlines the importance of hardware selection and reminds decision makers of how routine checks can save lives.

How door hardware selection can help protect against infection

With the spread of infection now at the height of concern, Karen Trigg of Allegion UK highlights how door hardware can lend a hand in helping to slow the spread of bacteria.

Brio adds Simultaneous Action and Telescopic Action Kits to growing portfolio

BIRMINGHAM (June 2020) The Brio straight sliding range has been expanded to include Simultaneous Action and Telescopic Action Kits. Used in conjunction with Brio’s Single Run and Zero Clearance systems, these accessories allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors to offer an additional product to the standard straight sliding hardware, whilst enabling end-users to move doors with less effort, but with increased control.

New 'Pocket Door' added to Brio range of sliding door hardware

BIRMINGHAM (May 2020) Brio has extended its established range of sliding door hardware with the new Brio Pocket Slide 80. Hidden from view once installed, the universally sized pocket door kit offers a flexible, simple-to-install solution for installers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), while reducing cost and valuable inventory space for architectural ironmongers (AIs) and builders merchants.

Campus Fire Safety & Security - Making the Grade

After the recent events at Bolton University, where a student accommodation tower went up in flames, Karen Trigg of Allegion UK looks into how campus management must improve their fire safety and security strategies to keep students safe.

The Rise of Wireless and Importance of Integration

In today’s fast-paced digital age, we’re constantly subject to change - and it’s no different for access control. Trevor Ball of Allegion UK asks whether we truly understand the importance of seamless system integration in today’s shifting access control market.

Allegion launch new ISONAS Pure IP access control to UK market

BIRMINGHAM (October 2019) – Allegion UK, a leading specialist in fire safety and security products, has launched the ISONAS Pure IP family of access control solutions in the UK.

Allegion UK steps up to the challenge, raising awareness for fire safety

BIRMINGHAM (September 2019) – Allegion UK, a leading specialist in fire safety and security products and solutions, last week took an impressive 500,000 steps towards raising £500 in aid of Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW) and The Fire Fighters Charity.

Loosing Sleep Over Fire Safety Compliance

As the UK strives to improve fire safety and building standards, Karen Trigg of Allegion UK discusses the pressure on specialised housing landlords and how to keep residents safe.

Brio 286DL locking handle added to expanding range of accessories enhancing dual point lock on folding door hardware

BIRMINGHAM (August 2019) Allegion UK, a leader in safety and security, has added the 286DL locking handle to its established range of Brio dual point locks for exterior folding applications. It is ideal for both residential and commercial facilities, joining other Brio accessories for the 286 dual point lock used on Weatherfold 4s and 5c.

Bolstering Security With Data-driven Facilities Management

Trevor Ball, business development manager UK & Ireland at Allegion UK, explains how facilities can improve security with big data.

Allegion launches new-generation wireless mortise lock in the UK

BIRMINGHAM (July 2019) – Allegion UK, a leading specialist in fire safety and security hardware, has launched a new generation of wireless mortise lock in the UK.

New 'soft close' accessory added to Brio open bar rail 80 sliding door hardware

BIRMINGHAM (July 2019) A new addition to the Brio barn door-style Open Rail 80 sliding door system is an easy-to-fit ’soft close’ accessory designed to allow for a smoother and softer closure. Hidden from view, the door hardware system comes with a left and right soft close.

UK’s Care-Home Buildings Present Fire Risk to Our Ageing Population

Karen Trigg, business development manager at Allegion UK, discusses the importance of addressing fire safety in buildings that house elderly residents.

New Brio Weatherfold 5c – Folding door hardware system that carries panels up to 80kg.

BIRMINGHAM (May 2019) – Allegion’s Brio brand once again shows why it is  a global leader in folding & sliding door hardware with its new Weatherfold 5c: An exterior bottom-rolling system that easily handles panels up to 80Kg weight in any commercial or residential site.

Cloud-based Access Control: Improving Security in More Ways Than One

Access control has always been at the forefront of building security. Traditionally, access control systems have come in the form of conventional lock and key methods, electronic systems or a combination of the two. Today, cloud-based systems are changing the market landscape, providing secondary security benefits to users across the UK.

Improving Internal Security and Preparing for the Unknown

Implementing a stable and effective security strategy in schools is one thing. Maintaining a high standard of safety for all those within the premises is another. So, where do the two meet? And how can you be prepared for situations you might not be expecting? Sue Corrick, EMEA Product Manager at Allegion UK and school governor, discusses how to balance safety and security in schools, and what to do when the unexpected occurrences occurs.

Allegion to Attend Higher Education Estates Forum

BIRMINGHAM (March 2019) Allegion is a global leader in safety and security, offering innovative security solutions for more than a century. Allegion prides itself on keeping people safe and secure where they live, work and visit, and their pioneering spirit has seen the invention of the ‘panic release bar’ exit device and the first ever electric-controlled lock.

Where Security Meets Design

The aesthetic and architectural design of a school building can affect productivity, learning and even security. Karen Trigg, business development manager at Allegion UK, discusses ways to overcome security challenges caused by design.

Is Funding Harming Public Safety and Security?

When restricted by budget, safety and security standards can waver. Karen Trigg, business development manager at Allegion UK, discusses how to overcome financial challenges, and why large budgets shouldn’t legitimise complacency.

Securing and Safeguarding Schools for Long, Cold Nights

With winter finally in full swing, Karen Trigg, business development manager of Allegion UK, discusses how to keep schools safe and secure during the festive period.

Age and Size: Hindrance or Opportunity?

The age and size of a building shouldn’t serve as a restriction to upgrading safety protocols and security measures. Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant at Allegion UK, discusses how to maximise safety and security based on your building’s age and design.

Creating an Electro-Mechanical School

Schools are continuing to upgrade security measures for pupil safety. However, on top of all the fundamental challenges schools face, implementing well-rounded and effective security solutions can seem a great difficulty. Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant for Allegion UK, discusses the advantages of electro-mechanical solutions.

Fire Doors: Are Yours Fit for Purpose?

Allegion UK’s business development manager Karen Trigg discusses why fire doors are integral to any successful fire safety strategy.

New data findings legitimise UK’s fire safety concerns in government-owned facilities

LONDON (September 2018) A new research-based report, conducted by safety and security specialists Allegion UK, unveils some of the main safety and security concerns within government-owned buildings.

The Responsibility of Fire Safety in Healthcare

An effective fire safety management and fire emergency plan requires both active and passive fire precautions and a high degree of management. In healthcare facilities, an even higher degree of safety consideration is required since its occupants may need additional assistance to escape in the event of a fire. Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant of Allegion UK, discusses ways to optimise fire safety in healthcare, and why a bespoke solution is key.  

Keeping Students Safe at University

University campus buildings and student accommodation facilities are complex infrastructures and, with so many security requirements, it can be difficult to keep on top of them and the challenges they impose.

Finding the Key to Efficiency in Healthcare

The physical environment of a healthcare facility is the foundation of all that occurs in it. Implementing effective safety and security solutions creates an environment that enhances the building for those working and staying in such facilities.

The Dos and Don’ts of Classroom Security

A safe school environment is a prerequisite for productive learning. When students feel as though their safety is compromised, this affects their learning performance. To enhance levels of security, it’s important to know which methods of lockdown are suited and which should be avoided.

Tackling the Invisible in Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are there for when our health is compromised, so cross-contamination needs to be kept at a minimum at all times. Hospitals, in particular, need to maintain strict sterile environments to prevent unnecessary germs being spread to vulnerable persons.

Is your Fire Safety training up to date?

Karen Trigg, South East business development manager of Allegion UK, urges businesses to invest time and money into training for staff involved with fire safety. This is to avoid costly, or even deadly, situations.

Safeguarding Schools with a Secure Emergency Lockdown Protocol

The duty of care that education officials have, in providing a safe environment for everyone on their premises, is arguably more challenging in today’s world than it has ever been. One area that should be identified for regular review is Emergency Lockdown. 

The 101 on Fire Door Safety Responsibilities

Statistics show that the industry need to educate tenants on who to speak to regarding fire door safety, while there is a call for more transparency in the chain of responsibility, says Allegion Commercial Leader Pete Hancox.

Fire Doors: 10 checks that could save your life

Research shows 53% of people would not know how to spot a dodgy fire door

Prevention is better than cure: The fire door perspective

In a fire emergency, it is a race against time to prevent flames from spreading beyond control – meaning a working fire door could be the difference between life and death, says Allegion UK Commercial Leader Pete Hancox.

Crucial checks to test your door's legality

With Fire Door Safety Week on the horizon, Allegion UK Commercial Leader Pete Hancox  provides valuable tips on how to keep your fire doors working as they should – and keep you on the right side of the law.

Building a safer school - the role of door hardware

Knowledge and understanding around school security measures is still far from ideal if we are to protect our schools better and prevent pupils from being in harm’s way, says Simon Osborne of Allegion UK & Ireland.

Doorway accessibility in non-residential multiple occupancy buildings - a beginner's guide to disability allowance

Disabilities are wide ranging and varied. Much unlike the international symbol of access that depicts an individual in the wheelchair, there are many disabilities that cannot be seen and extend far beyond wheelchair use.

Electro-Mechanical evolution makes ongoing facilities management training more important than ever

Allegion UK Commercial Leader Pete Hancox suggests that facilities management training needs to keep pace with rapidly developing building technologies for building and occupant wellbeing.

Is it time to beef up school security?

School leaders and authorities need to consider making building security a top priority, says Simon Osborne, commercial leader of safety and security company Allegion.

Through the eyes of others

Managers of healthcare buildings, hospitals and care homes need to look deeper into how to protect and aid vulnerable and less able-bodied groups around doorways, says Simon Osborne, Commercial Leader of Allegion in UK and Ireland.

Allegion UK offers new hub for building, architectural industry professionals to collaborate

LONDON (January 2017) – Allegion UK, global pioneers of door hardware plan to use their central Birmingham HQ as an industry meeting hub for door, building and architectural professionals.

Allegion raises the bar with new security innovation

LONDON (February 2017) The Briton 571 EL – the first Briton electromechanical exit device that integrates with electronic access control whilst meeting panic exit functionality – is set to revolutionise the way we think about securing our doors and buildings, explains Simon Osborne, commercial leader of Allegion in UK and Ireland.

A clash of perspective

One could imagine that architects and door hardware pioneers would constantly be clashing – the former strives for aesthetic perfection while the latter for functionality, safety and security. However Simon Osborne, commercial leader of Allegion UK, believes that it need not be this way.

The Electromechanical evolution for care home owners

Jeffrey Bennett, Commercial Leader for Allegion in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, discusses why we are seeing a convergence of electronics into mechanical door hardware, and crucially how it will affect a rapidly growing market, the care home.

The Hidden Key to Guest Satisfaction

Interiors, customer services and facilities may well steal the limelight to guest satisfaction in hospitality. However, it is the finer, more ‘hidden’ details that can make or break a guest’s stay. Trevor Ball, area sales manager for Allegion UK in hospitality, explores what RFID technology is doing for the hotel industry.

Allegion's perfect pair from CISA offers seamless room locking solutions

Elegant Italian design, contactless experience and no wiring – these features form the basis for Allegion’s CISA eGO and eSIGNO leading locking solutions, made to create a seamless customer experience in the hospitality industry.

Maximising the Value of your Door Hardware

When looking at door hardware, it may at first appear to be a simple choice that can be broken down into three broad factors: appearance, functionality, and cost, i.e. what type of hardware looks best, does what I need it to do right now and is the cheapest method of fulfilling the requirement.

Fire Safety in School Design

“Dangerous and dilapidated… wasteful… school buildings are failing our children and teachers.” RIBA has issued a damning report on the UK’s school building stock, but what can be done to rectify the situation from a door hardware perspective? 


A war on winter

With winter approaching fast, facilities managers and building owners need to think long and hard about what this season brings in terms of security and safety issues for their buildings and occupants, explains Simon Osborne, Commercial Leader UK & Ireland at Allegion UK.


Is Keyless Access the Future?

Can keyless access eventually replace the traditional lock and key completely? And how far can the ‘Internet of Things’ take door hardware, access control and security? Paul Barrows reports.


Keeping your building safe this winter

The winter not only brings darker mornings and longer nights, but an unfortunate rise in crime and burglaries. Luckily, there are a number of simple solutions that facilities managers can apply to ensure their buildings remain safe and secure. Paul Barrows, demand creation leader at specialist security manufacturer Allegion, offers his top tips for staying safe this winter.

Improving fire safety with six door hardware steps

With an average of 174 buildings catching fire each day, it’s time for door hardware to be taken seriously and recognised for the important role it plays in fire safety. Simon Osborne, sales leader UK and Ireland at specialist security manufacturer Allegion, offers six steps to improve the effectiveness of fire doors through the installation and on-going maintenance of fire door hardware.    


Allegion promotes the importance of fire door hardware

LONDON (September 2015) Specialist security manufacturer, Allegion, is providing those responsible for installing and maintaining fire door hardware with a new tool – a downloadable Fire Door Hardware Checklist. 

Allegion acquires Sliding, Folding Door Hardware Leader Brio

LONDON (May 2015) Allegion, plc, a leading global security products and solutions provider, has recently acquired the assets of Brio, a division of RMD Industries Pty Ltd. Brio is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of sliding and folding door hardware for commercial and residential spaces in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.