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ISO 9001 – We’ve passed with flying colours…again!

Big smiles and a round of applause please. We’ve passed our ISO 9001 audit!

Fire Safety - Hidden in Plain Sight

Karen Trigg, Business Development Manager at Allegion UK, provides insight into fire safety and how we must recognise fire doors as an integral part of our everyday lives.

How to select the right door closer

It is important to choose the right door closer but there are so many choices out there, selecting the right one can be extremely confusing.

Employee Spotlight

Our people are the life blood of our company.  Learn more about what they do.  This month the spotlight is on Adam D’Arcy-Wass, Business Development Manager.

Improving fire safety with six door hardware steps

It’s time for door hardware to be taken seriously and recognised for the important role it plays in fire safety.

How sustainable is the architectural ironmongery industry?

At Allegion, we are pioneering safety by protecting people where they live and work and safeguarding our environment at the same time.

Together we can improve the quality of life for people affected with dementia

Part two of our two part series looks at one of the common problems we see within healthcare buildings, hospitals and care homes.   

The Dark Nights Return

Stay safe and secure during the winter months.

Walking a mile in their shoes

Part One: As we meet with key decision-makers involved in the design, build and management of mental health & dementia facilities at the Mental Health & Dementia Facilities Forum this week, we take a look at why it’s important to protect and aid vulnerable and less able-bodied groups around doorways.

Employee Spotlight

Our people are the life blood of our company.  Learn more about what they do.  This month the spotlight is on Kirk Smith, Business Development Manager.

One Step Closer to Awareness

This month Allegion employees took an impressive 500,000 steps towards raising £500 in aid of Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW) and The Fire Fighters Charity.

Sarah Jones carries on fourth-generation family employment with Allegion

Allegion has been part of Sarah Jones’ life ever since she can remember. In fact, she “wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for this company.” Her parents met at a company Christmas party long before the organization was acquired by Allegion. Sarah’s mother was working in the pressing department at the time, while her father was in manufacturing. 

Part Two - Addressing internal risk

Part two of our two part series on improving internal security in schools and preparing for the unknown.

Changing the game at IFSEC

We are looking forward to partnering with Anixter at Europe’s leading security event later this month, IFSEC International at ExCel London.

Part One - Preparing for the Unknown

Welcome to our two part series looking at improving internal security in schools and preparing for  the unknown.  Part one is all about how to prevent pupils from exiting the school building or accessing areas they shouldn’t without permission.

Security and Voice Assistants

Voice assistants have already comfortably found a place in our busy, modern lives. Recent statistics have shown that ownership of smart speakers - including the Amazon Echo - has doubled in six months in the UK. In the US, 39 million smart speakers were shipped in 2018, with 41 million units forecast for 2019.

Together we can help those in need

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.  They are more than just words.  They drive our culture and business decisions, and we believe our culture is what makes us different.

The Do's and Don'ts of Home Fire Safety

We believe that the best way to keep you safe from fire is to help you to understand common fire risks in your home and reduce them. Here are some tips to keep you safe... 

A Secure School for Christmas

The festive period is exciting for pupils and teachers alike. However, when schools close for Christmas, it’s easy to become complacent and neglect procedures as security is the last thing on their minds. So, when school buildings are vacant over the holiday period, how can security be optimised?

Optimising Safety and Security in Older Buildings

Facility managers of older buildings and estates know that aged buildings can present a number of additional challenges when looking to optimise safety and security

Fire Door Safety: Crucial Checks

Fire doors are imperative to any building’s fire safety procedure, but, what happens when a fire door is faulty or damaged and can’t carry out its job properly?

Overcoming Security Challenges in Healthcare Facilities

A healthcare environment needs to protect the physically and mentally vulnerable as well as staff and visitors. A hospital, in particular can often become a target for failing security standards.

Spotted Briton: A History of Durability

There aren’t many door closers that are over 100 years old and still in use today, going as strong as ever.

The Benefits of Access Control

Electronic Access Control (EAC) isn’t just limited to those larger, high-levels-of-egress buildings and facilities (like hospitals, schools, sports centres, and so on). Of course, it’s hugely beneficial for these types of premises, but it can also be a considerable advantage in other areas too.  

Is your School Adequately Prepared for Safe Emergency Lockdowns?

In schools, it can be easy to compromise on safety for security. However, what’s secure isn’t always safe.

A Changing Perspective: The Value of Quality

Following the recent liquidation of contractor Carillion as well as the continuing aftermath of the Grenfell fire disaster, perspectives around product selection and specification are undergoing considerable change.

Keeping Compliant with Fire Safety Regulations


Ensuring compliance when it comes to fire safety isn’t just limited to checking a fire door and its operation. Of course this is an integral cog in the wider fire safety clockwork but there’s much more to it than just that.

Ensuring Office Security over the Winter Period

The winter months are known as some of the most exciting months of the year. For facilities managers however the responsibility of ensuring efficient lockdown procedures can serve to be somewhat of a burden. That said neglecting to take the appropriate safety and security measures gives rise to a host of risks for an office.

Fire Door Safety: The ins and outs

Fire Door Safety is a hot topic at the moment and rightly so. Anyone accountable for the safety of a building’s occupants from facilities managers to landlords has a responsibility to keep people safe in the event of a fire.

Could Electronic Locks be the Key to a Securer Home?

Got that nagging feeling?

Increasingly, people are handing out keys to their homes to trusted people outside the family for ease and convenience. This gives rise to a number of issues.Traditional keys can be lost or stolen, possibly even falling into the wrong hands. Not only this, but keys can be copied or duplicated unbeknown to both the homeowner and the property manager.

5 Common Winter Building Problems and How to Avoid Them

With winter fast approaching, facilities managers and building owners need to think long and hard about what this season brings in terms of security and safety issues for their buildings and occupants. Here are 5 Common Winter Problems and how to avoid them.

Allegion make donation to The Fire Fighters Charity

We’re happy to be supporting the heroic efforts of fire fighters all across our nation, and it is important we recognise their life saving and often incredibly dangerous jobs.

The hidden key to guest satisfaction

Interiors customer services and facilities may well steal the limelight to guest satisfaction in hospitality. However it is the finer more ‘hidden’ details that can make or break a guest’s stay. Trevor Ball area sales manager for Allegion UK in hospitality explores what RFID technology is doing for the hotel industry.

Is it time to beef up school security?

School leaders and authorities need to consider making building security a top priority says Simon Osborne commercial leader of safety and security company Allegion.

Intersec 2017 - Highlights Reel

At Intersec 2017 Dubai the world's leading trade fair for safety security and fire protection one of the biggest buzzwords was electromechanical. Electromechanical is the convergence of electronics into mechanical hardware and how it is developing the way we produce door products for the better.

"Electromechanical Evolution by Jeff Bennett Commercial Leader MEA & Turkey"


Jeffrey Bennett, Commercial Leader for Allegion in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, discusses why we are seeing a convergence of electronics into mechanical door hardware.


Maximising the value of your door hardware

By Simon Osborne, Commercial Leader UK and IrelandWhen looking at door hardware, it may at first appear to be a simple choice that can be broken down into three broad factors: appearance, functionality, and cost, i.e. what type of hardware looks best, does what I need it to do right now and is the cheapest method of fulfilling the requirement. However, there should be a much deeper thought process than that of the face value considerations listed above, particularly if you are specifying for multiple buildings, high footfall areas or if you are building in the public sector

What is wrong with my door? Part Three - Sticking

The last of our three-part series will look at why doors can appear to stick and what can be done about it. Earlier in the series we looked at why doors slam and how to stop them doing so (Part one)

What is wrong with my door? Part Two - Latching

Part two of our three-part series on common issues around doors and door hardware is when the door doesn’t latch properly. To see part one about why doors slam shut please click here. Part three will be about doors that are sticking.

What is wrong with my door? Part One - Slamming

Welcome to our three part series looking at what issues could be affecting your doors. Part one is all about why doors slam shut and what you can do to stop them from doing so.

Our best ever Fire Door Safety Week

Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW) came and went with a bang (quite literally as we’ll explain below) and we’re proud to say it was our best ever performance yet as a supporting act for the British Woodworking Federation’s (BWF) highly important awareness campaign.

A brief guide to… stainless steel grading

We use stainless steel products every day and most of us won’t give much (if any) thought to it. All products that are made from stainless steel are produced to different grades. Stainless steel is made up of steel mixed with other elements such as nickel molybdenum iron and aluminum. The ratio of each of these elements is what gives the metal its grading.

What is inspec?

In 2015 we launched inspec. inspec is a complete door scheduling and specification advice service available to architects contractors and building owners. It is suitable for applications across various sectors including:

Kick out the door wedge = 30 minutes extra protection

As we approach the 350th year anniversary of the Great Fire of London businesses everywhere including ours are gearing up to remind people to kick out the wedge holding open a fire door and ensure the correct fire door solutions are in place to increase fire safety – saving lives.

SimonsVoss MobileKey

We’ve been working hard to launch our brand new and innovative access control system – MobileKey from SimonsVoss. It’s a new keyless locking system that is now available to customers across the UK. The system can be used for 20 doors with up to 100 users and is ideal for managing access across small to medium sized buildings.

How to secure your home for the summer

Homes that are left empty for long periods of time are vulnerable to break-ins so as home owners head off on holiday over the summer months it’s vital that homes are secured effectively.

Cavere by Normbau

Cavere architectural hardware is part of Normbau’s range of Microban antibacterial levers.  Designed to provide innovative protection to those all important areas where the spread of infection is at its highest.

Are your fire doors legal?

In 2011 a fire broke out in a London towerblock in which two women died. The fire was started deliberately and the person responsible was prosecuted. However a few years later the case reopened.

Door hardware legislation – exit hardware and door closers

When it comes to protecting people within any building as a facilities manager you need to ensure you are clued up with regards to all areas of legislation and door hardware shouldn’t be forgotten about.


Briton products are durable hard-wearing and long-lasting and recently we’ve spotted loads of Briton products that were installed years ago and are still going strong today! Check out this door hardware installed in the 1980’s.

Briton products: then and now

A lot of things have changed since the 80’s… clothes music regulations and styles but one thing that has stood the test of time is our products.

"Interview with Ken Salisbury Maintenance Supervisor"

Ken Salisbury, Maintenance Supervisor
Location: London, UK
Ken Salisbury is a maintenance supervisor at a commercial centre in London. He fits Briton products, and has been fitting them for the last 40 years. We interviewed him to establish why Briton is his #1 door hardware choice, and what problems he experiences with doors and the importance of maintaining them.

Try Me Product Programme

At Allegion we want to show you why we’re number one. We’ve launched a brand new programme that is the first of its kind to show just that.

Allegion Supports Fire Door Safety Week

The importance of Fire Door Hardware
Are your Fire Doors Legal?  

Allegion, is providing those responsible for installing and maintaining fire door hardware with a new tool  – a Fire Door Hardware Checklist.
We have created the easy-to-use checklist to promote higher standards of fire door inspection and maintenance

New Sales Leader for UK and Ireland appointed

We’re pleased to announce that Simon Osborne has been appointed as Sales Leader for the UK and Ireland. Simon who has more than 20 years of experience in the built environment for companies such as Baxi Heating UK Ltd brings with him a wealth of business strategy knowledge.

Allegion Sponsor GAI Conference

Allegion Sponsor GAI Conference
This year the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) are holding their annual Conference and AGM at the Tortworth Court Hotel at Wooton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire. The event will take place this coming weekend (15th-17th May) and we’re pleased to announce that we are one of the sponsors.

Door Hardware and Inclusive Design CPD Session Becomes RIBA Approved

We are very proud to announce that one of our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions has achieved RIBA approval.

Tips to keep your building safe from fire

The London Fire Brigade recently secured their largest fine against a private individual, who endangered lives by disregarding fire safety laws. We look at the background to this historic sentence and provide tips to help identify if a building might be unsafe. Salim Patel, the former owner of The Radnor Hotel in London, was fined £200,000 and incurred £29,222 in court costs after he pleaded guilty to seven offences of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that we recently wrote about.

Fire Safety Breaches at Derbyshire Care Home

Fire Safety Breaches at Derbyshire Care Home

The importance of Fire Safety Regulations is once again being covered in the press, with the owners of a care home in Derbyshire found to be in breach of several regulations following a fire at the premises.

Ten Years of the Fire Safety Order: The Role of Fire Doors and Fire Risk Management

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, also known as the RRO or FSO. Part of the order requires building operators to appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ and also carry out an appropriate Fire Risk Assessment. To mark the tenth anniversary of this important order, we take a look at the Regulatory Reform Order.

inspec – Redefining Door Hardware Specifications


We are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘inspec’. An expert guide to complete specification solutions our new specification guide is designed to save specifiers architects and contractors’ time and resources and aid the purchasing process. inspec reduces the pressures of accurately specifying products by providing expert advice to the industry rather than just focusing on a range of products. inspec also allows specifiers to seek complete building solutions through products designed to work together from one provider.  inspec Services Some of the services that inspec includes are:

Big 5 Saudi 2015


The Big 5 Tour Continues

 Following on from the success of The Big 5 Dubai we are delighted to announce our attendance at The Big 5 Saudi. Set to draw huge crowds this year, Big 5 Saudi is the country’s fastest growing construction event and gives us the perfect platform to showcase our security solutions to new markets. The event runs from 9th March to 12th March and will be held in the coastal city of Jeddah.


CISA Showcase at Yorkshire Hotel Show

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending the Yorkshire Hotel Show at York Racecourse on Tuesday the 10th and Wednesday the 11th of February (Stand Number 45). As a major supplier of security

Intersec 2015

We are excited to announce our attendance at Intersec 2015

How To: Avoid Inaccuracies with Panic Hardware

During specification of projects of all kinds, oversight towards panic hardware as a product area is not uncommon. For too long, it has been seen as an after-thought or an ‘add on’ product that leads to performance safety issues when installed, putting lives in danger.

Spotlight on….Joanne Milne-Rowe

Each month we’ll be putting the spotlight on key members of the team here at Allegion UK delving into their thoughts on industry issues the challenges they face in their role and how they go about ensuring Allegion offer the best security solutions for their customers.

Taking control at IFSEC International 2014

We are looking forward to exhibiting at IFSEC later this month at ExCel London. IFSEC is a big player in security industry exhibitions and is an ideal platform for us to showcase our latest innovations as well as helping businesses find the perfect solutions for their security needs.

Allegion completes the Italian job

Wherever you are in the world superior hotel access control is an absolute necessity. Solutions must be designed and implemented to ensure both guests and employees feel safe without restricting movements reducing convenience or otherwise negatively impacting on the overall guest experience.

Spotlight on….Paul Barrows

Each month we’ll be putting the spotlight on key members of the team here at Allegion UK delving into their thoughts on industry issues the challenges they face in their role and how they go about ensuring Allegion offer the best security solutions for their customers.

Case Study - Aberdeen Airport

Every time an airport has to carry out a full terminal evacuation because a passenger has set off the smoke alarm by lighting-up in a prohibited area it incurs costs of thousands of pounds. With this in mind Aberdeen Airport set out to investigate whether providing facilities for passengers to smoke after they had gone through security would reduce such evacuations.

Doors are opening for Allegion’s new Briton products

Here at Allegion we’ve recently launched a new range of door closers specifically designed to allow us to offer cam-action technology at a competitive price point.

World Cup Security (if the stadiums are finished on time that is!)

We’re a matter of months away from attaching flags to our cars and singing ‘three lions’ at every opportunity but whilst we prepare to paint the town red (and white) the security engineers of Brazil are working to deliver market leading stadium safety solutions to rival the world’s best.

Are steel doors about to come of age?

Historically steel doors have by some been considered an ugly duckling; functional strong and durable but lacking in good looks. For aesthetic appeal the timber door has always been preferred but for those on the pulse there’s some steely competition on the horizon.

2014 – Could this be the year for biometrics?

The uptake of hand recognition readers and finger recognition scanners has increased over recent years as many forward-thinking organisations realise the potential benefits for improving their access control and attendance monitoring.

Steely Approach to Superior Doors

Steel doors have long been reserved for robust practical applications and are overlooked in favour of their wooden counterparts in what might be considered more ‘normal’ environments.

Bomb blast doors at Heathrow Terminal 5

Security formed a major part of the brief for Terminal 5 due to increased terrorism threat levels in large part due to the attempted car bombing at Glasgow Airport in June 2007. The challenge with Terminal 5 was to strike a balance between easy public access and the high levels of security required.

Specific considerations when ordering bomb blast doors

Standard door sets are available in many configurations but security enhanced and bomb blast certified doors are limited to a few specific choices.

Available in single and double sliding door sets these doors are surface fitted with or without side panels which must be manufactured to the same glass and frame specifications. Crucially the doors must be secured to the building fabric with comparable fixings requiring specific installation considerations.

Hospitality industry failing on fire safety

Fire safety isn’t something we worry about when booking our summer holiday or a business hotel for an overnight stay. We assume the hotel has our best interests at heart and this should include our safety in the event of a fire right?

Testing – meeting quality standards

Meeting quality standards is of key importance throughout the entire specification process but even more so when the products you are specifying are designed to save lives.

Accessing your hotel room with your smart phone? That’s Near Field Communication

The hospitality sector is on the verge of a revolution as it moves away from contactless security cards in favour of Near Field Communication (NFC). But what is NFC we hear you cry?

We Are Allegion

Have you heard the news? Ingersoll Rand is now Allegion. The change happened on the 2nd of December when we made our debut on the New York Stock Exchange as a standalone $2 billion-a-year company.

"Key Considerations – glazing threshold and building fabric overlap"

It is not only the door system which requires enhanced functions in order to cope with a potential terrorist incident (see here for more info on door system alterations). The glazing, threshold and building fabric are also key considerations in the development of enhanced security and bomb blast doors.

Sliding Doors: Regular vs. Bomb Blast

To fully appreciate the capabilities of a bomb blast door it’s important to first understand how a typical sliding door works.

Balance: Aesthetics Vs. Security

One of the biggest challenges for specifiers of automatic sliding doors is ensuring they meet regulatory requirements whilst retaining the aesthetic appeal of a building and making sure appropriate security measures are considered.

Specification: Understanding the planning process

There are two key documents both published by the Department of Communities and Local Government designed to aid the specification of bomb blast doors.

Security: Why we need bomb-blast doors

Heightened levels of global terrorism continue to make busy public places a prime target for fatal extremist attacks. Crowded areas such as public transport systems and their associated infrastructure have been favoured targets.

Our terrorist threat assessment level here in the UK has moved between ‘substantial’ and ‘severe’ over the last few years, with the government’s continual programme of re-assessment focusing largely on airports and train stations following the attempted car bomb attack at Glasgow airport in 2007.

Fire Door Safety Week - Saving Lives and Property

Local authority fire and rescue services attended 154000 UK fires last year - a staggering figure that must be lowered in order to prevent injury and save lives.

Case Study: Marks & Spencer's

One of our key offerings at Ingersoll Rand is our capacity to manage an entire project from start to finish. We were able to demonstrate this recently when we were commissioned by contractor Galliford Try to carry out a project at a new Marks & Spencer’s store in Gloucester.

Biometrics in Schools

It was reported a couple of months ago that a secondary school in Cork could be the first school in the area to use high tech hand  scanning technology to register pupil attendance.  For some time,   there has been discussion about the ways in which schools gather information about pupils, with some parents voicing concern on the amount of information schools will own.

Steel vs. Timber Doors: Aesthetics

There are many things to consider when choosing a door or doorset from the usability and safety of the door to the design and how it will look as part of the overall building. It has often been thought that you cannot have one without compromising the other and historically many architects and designers have favoured timber or glass over materials like steel.


We are delighted to have created a new EMEA-wide sales organisation for our CISA hotel security brand, allowing us to provide a bespoke one-stop-shop service for the global hospitality market.

CISA Astral Tekno Cylinders

We recently unveiled the latest addition to our advanced range of high security cylinders - CISA Astral Tekno Cylinders.

Briton by Randi


Recently we introduced a new range to extend our door hardware offering – Briton by Randi, a complete range of stainless steel designer door fittings.

Briton by Randi is a contemporary range of Scandinavian designer door fittings which comprises lever handles, pull handles, bathroom turns and indicators, escutcheons and door stops. The range has been developed with the best technical and aesthetic quality in mind, and can be used on internal doors in both commercial and residential applications.


Introducing Interflex eVAYO - the next generation of access control and time & attendance readers

During IFSEC earlier this month we unveiled our  new generation of access control and time and attendance readers the Interflex eVAYO range incorporating the Access Control Terminal IF-800 PegaSys Office door lock and IF-5735 Time and Attendance Recording terminal.

IFSEC 2013 2

Last month’s IFSEC exhibition was a resounding success for Last month’s IFSEC exhibition was a resounding success for the Ingersoll Rand team. The show, which was held from 13-16th May saw hundreds of  people stop by the Ingersoll Rand stand, both from the UK and overseas.

Bomb Blast Doors Win ‘Best in Class’ At Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards


We’re delighted to have been awarded the ‘Best Buildings and Facilities Protection Innovation’ award for our range of Automatic Bomb Blast Doors at the Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards 2013.At Ingersoll Rand we’re dedicated to the design and development of superior security products and end to end solutions


IFSEC 2013

We are delighted to be exhibiting at IFSEC later on this month at the NEC, Birmingham. IFSEC is one of the biggest exhibitions in the security industry and, as such, is the ideal platform to showcase our latest innovations, as well as helping businesses find the perfect solution for their security needs.

Steel vs. Timber Doors: Fire Performance

A key priority for building owners should always be fire resistance of the building’s doors and/or door sets. Doors are a key component in ensuring essential fire protection and in allowing time for employees or tenants to escape a building fire safely.

Steel vs. Timber doors: Why a long term approach is key

UK businesses are now being met with increasing pressure to ensure their doors meet fire safety needs from day one and throughout the life of the building. Add to that the impending deadline for CE marking becoming mandatory and it’s more important than ever for businesses to understand the risks and responsibilities when it comes to the fire performance of doorsets.

Lakanal House tragedy reaffirms need for adequate fire safety measures

Last week the jury at the high-profile Lakanal House fire inquest ruled that Southwark council missed ‘numerous opportunities’ to undertake fire safety checks and that the blaze spread far quicker than would normally be expected.

Grade A for Safety: How to achieve top marks in security

So how do you provide first-class security which keeps busy students and their belongings safe but which is flexible enough to cope with their hectic schedules? The Ingersoll Rand team did just that recently at a private accommodation project in York.

Helping with Halley VI

It was announced recently that the £22 million Halley VI research station in the Antarctic built by Galliford Try will become fully operational next month.

Stepping up Security at the Port of Felixstowe

The Port of Felixstowe is the largest container port in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. With such a heavy volume of traffic and throughput it is no surprise that the port has its own police force with their own fleet of liveried police cars and vans.

Should schools be able to ban biometrics?

I recently came across a news story stating that schools in England will be banned from collecting pupils’ biometric data unless they have full parental consent following an announcement from the Department of Education (DfE).

What is the true cost of a door closer?

In many cases door closers are sourced on the basis of their initial purchase cost alone. “What’s wrong with that?” I hear you say. The answer is that whilst it’s tempting to initially spend less often the low purchase price masks on-going maintenance and performance issues which can lead to costs spiralling out of control.

Protecting your offices over the festive season – what you need to know

Perhaps your employees are benefiting from a well-earned rest while your offices are closed for Christmas and New Year. But are your assets fully protected while your offices are empty?

Patient and staff safety – it’s not just for Christmas!

Many of us are already enjoying Christmas light displays in high streets across Britain a bit of wholesome Christmas shopping and indulging in delicious Christmas lunches and dinners. And let’s not forget one of the most anticipated festive celebrations in the British calendar - the office Christmas party!

"Students voted ‘no’ to biometric security but how much did they know?"

Also in the news this week….students from Newcastle university have rejected proposals to implement biometric finger scanning as part of a new attendance monitoring system on campus.

CISA reassure hotels and guests following recent reports on hotel lock vulnerability

Many will have seen the recent reports around the world stating that some hotel locks are vulnerable to tampering allowing burglars to enter rooms and steal guest’s belongings. The stories featured on news sites across the globe including UK’s BBC and Daily Mail

A ‘Grate’ Achievement!

We’re proud to announce our involvement with an exciting project on London’s iconic skyline.The prestigious contract will see us providing steel doorsets on the Leadenhall Building. Affectionately known as the Cheesegrater due to its distinctive wedge profile the building marks the latest in a long line of high profile developments by British Land and Oxford Properties.

Protecting the Tower: why an electronic access control system is key

This week saw the costly replacement of locks at the Tower of London after a burglar broke in and stole a set of keys. Leading up to the incident an intruder reportedly scaled the gates and took the keys from a guard sentry post. Although the guards spotted him at the time of the incident they apparently weren’t allowed to leave their posts to pursue him. The new locks which were installed following the incident reportedly cost the UK taxpayer thousands of pounds.

Introducing aptiQ

Wherever there is technology there is innovation and where there is innovation there is usually the need for extra spend.


Welcome to the official blog from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies UK.
Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be bringing you our views on the latest product innovations, legislation and regulations affecting  the security technology industry.