Type 35

Product Description

The 35 EX tele stay has variable ventilation positions, making it ideal for the operation of outward-opening casement windows and doors.


  • variable ventilation
  • does not take up any space inside when opening the window, because of which it can easily be combined with a fly screen, net curtains or window decoration
  • once the brake required has been set, this can be maintained for all ventilation positions
  • also possible to fit to the top edge of a casement window, because of which space is created on the bottom edge to hang out clothes or bedding, for example
  • simple assembly


Item Ref: Window Material Plastic Colour Length
2835-00-49/E Outward opening Steel painted grey grey 375mm
2835-00-54/E Outward opening Steel painted white white 375mm
2835-00-81/E Outward opening Stainless steel black 375mm
2836-00-49 Inward opening Steel painted grey grey 358 mm
2836-00-54 Inward opening Steel painted white white 358 mm