Combi-stay parts

Product Description

Combi-stays, in particular the AXAflex ones, have been the leading products in the field of ventilation for decades. Thanks to a well-thoughtoutconcept for an all-in-one awning window opener and closer, the AXAflex has become a familiar fitting in many homes, offices and industrial premises.



  • 3 Years


Item Ref: Description Recommended screws Material Plastic Colour


Washer plate for AXAfix combi-stay 3.5 x 30 mm plastic black


Washer plate for AXAflex Classic combi-stay 4.0 x 40 mm plastic white


Washer plate for AXAflex combi-stay

4.0 x 40 mm plastic black
2660-00-01 Drill template for AXAflex Security combi stay - Zinc-plated steel -
2660-80-64/E Washer plate for AXAflex combi-stay Security for narrow frames 4.5 x 50 mm Zamar zinc-plated -
2660-90-95 Washer plate for AXAflex Security combi-stayfor surface-mounted draught excluder 4.5 x 50 mm
4.5 x 55 mm
Plastic black
2660-91-22 Key for AXAflex Security - Zinc-plated steel