Electromagnetic Shear Locks

Product Description


A high quality 'Face to Face' weather resistant electromagnetic lock suitable for exterior applications.


Item Ref: Description Holding Force
MLGF3000 Mortice shear magnet 12/24V DC (AVS) 1360 kg
MLGF3000TJ Mortice shear magnet 12/24V DC 1360 kg
MLGF3000SM Surface shear magnet (AVS) 1360 kg


  • Shear lock offering up to 1360kg holding force
  • Patented locking tabs align with a mating groove in the armature plate
  • Mortice or surface mounted options
  • Built in automatic re lock ensuring full door closure before lock engagement
  • Microprocessor control module provides advanced electronic features allowing operation from 12 to 24v DC power supplies
  • Floating armature compensates for normal door and frame movement and alignment
  • Adjustable re lock time from 0 - 30 seconds
  • Optional additional functions inculde:
  • MBS - Magnetic Bond Sense with LED indicator
  • DSM - Door Status Monitor to sense the open/closed position of the door


  • Lifetime


  • Available a in satin anodised aluminium finish